It’s late Sunday afternoon in Montreal after the Grand Prix Du Montreal. We’ve just returned to our room before heading out to try what reported as some of the best smoked meat sandwiches anywhere. A place called Schwartz’s Delicatessen. looking forward to that.

The race was great success and certainly worth doing, at least once in your life. Montreal is a beautiful city full of friendly people.

Nearly all the 50,000 plus attendees of the race take the subway under the St. Lawrence river to get there. Each train has six cars and half a car holds approximately 60 people. So that’s roughly 1080 people per train. It all flowed amazing well. Montreal handles crowd control amazingly well. As we left the race site on Saturday we saw someone being detained by the police. He was surrounded loosely by 5 or 6 officers as one officer was using his radio. It was clear the individual detained was going nowhere, but at the same time he wasn’t being touched. We joked that to Canadians that may be the equivalent of the Rodney King stop.

John and I, on the track after the race.

Don’t forget to listen to my AudioBoos. Then check out the audio I posted to Posterous. Those both proved to be easier to to a quick post of an audio file or photo from where ever I was. Later I might re-post some of the audio files, (especially the one of the F1 cars speeding past) to this site. Also look for the video of the three of us waiting in Toronto for our bags to reappear after being taken off the flight to Montreal that we missed.

Both Rob and John have passed out as I’m writing this. Seems like this happened yesterday too. Fighting the urge to record them snoring.

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