kdf on June 21st, 2010

Lumix LX3 lens correction feature in Lightroom 3.

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kdf on April 28th, 2010

Camera profiles provide a baseline understanding for the RAW conversion software to make accurate conversions. It’s the translation device between, the value of the color recorded and the value it should be output at.

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kdf on April 11th, 2010

Photos of some gorgeous old cars at Cars and Coffee in Irvine. Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Porsche and Austin Healey’s among others.

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kdf on February 1st, 2010

A comparison of Lightroom 2.*, 3.0 beta and Raw Developer on files from my Panasonic LX3. Included are base settings for the LX3, for use in the Camera Calibration pane of Lightroom.

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kdf on November 29th, 2009

Tweet What’s more fun than going shopping on Black Friday? Just about anything, but for myself and some old friends we took a leisurely drive in the Santa Monica mountains. My friends are all fortunate to have vintage rides from the 60′s and 70′s. I had to make due with my modern car. We met [...]

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kdf on September 14th, 2009

Treffen is German for meet. Pictures from the 2009 VW Treffen at the Phoenix club in Anaheim California.

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kdf on August 19th, 2009

Tweet A road trip much better suited to younger folks. We left my house at 3:00 A.M. Sunday. We arrived in Monterey at 8:00 A.M. Had breakfast at a local diner and were in the raceway by 9:30. Walking though the paddock areas we were free to enjoy the cars close up. The crowds were [...]

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kdf on April 30th, 2009

Tweet Middle of April 2009, while driving North from Los Olivos, CA on highway 154. So pretty.

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kdf on April 27th, 2009

Tweet I shot this with my Lumix LX3 camera.¬† It’s just a bunch short clips strung together from the day. Press the the HQ button under the video frame after it starts to improve the quality.

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kdf on March 9th, 2009

Tweet New photos just posted from: the “Queens English” car show at Woodley park on March 08, 2009.¬†This was my new Panasonic LX3′s first real assignment. I left my SLR at home to force my self to see things through only the new camera’s eyes (eye). Lots of gorgeous cars. Jay Leno arrived this year [...]

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