I love the idea of websites that host pictures. I have photos scattered a few different services on the Web.

I started with a service called PBase.com. I liked Pbase (my account has expired, but the pictures are still there) because of it’s classy interface and because it categorizes the equipment used to take a photo. For instance you can search for images taken with a certain lens or camera. I also used Picasa, a free service of Google. The main draw here is it’s free and it integrates somewhat into my other Googles services such as Gmail. I also have pictures hosted here on my own site, (see the photos link above).

I  also use my website EVRange.com as my photoblog. But now I have signed up with another site called Smugmug.com. Why another service? Smugmug offers unlimited photo hosting and virtually unlimited bandwidth to display my pictures. They’ll automatically resize pictures and offer them in a variety of sizes and with a variety of themes in neatly organized galleries. I can also modify my Smugmug site to share the appearance and header/navigation banner of this site. Once that’s done it’ll integrate it into this site so it will appear to be a part of it.

So stay tuned, for a slick new integration of Smugmug into this site.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hello. I am wondering if you are the same Doug Folkerts who worked at Norm Reeves Honda. Silly, but I saw your name on the ending credits of Dr. Phil. I was a customer there many moons ago. Perhaps you remember me? If you are not that Doug, I apologize, it was just so strange to see a name I knew. I thought, “no way, can’t be the same Doug..” Kind of transported me back in time though. If you are him, hope all is well, you look happy!


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