In an attempt to make our canyon jaunts take on a greater significance we thought we’d try and do them in harmony with events of greater celestial importance or with significant dates in our Gregorian calender.
The Equinox (first day of spring) is still 5 days away, but we figured, “Hey, were busy people, close enough”.
We had a blast.  Pictures

We started with a visit to the Supercar show in Woodland Hills across from the Motion Picture Hospital. That gets a much bigger turn out on the last Sunday of the month, but it was still interesting. Not as nice as a trip to “Cars and Coffee” in Irvine, but okay. Jay Leno brought a Duesenburg Coupe.

Once we’ed completed a couple laps of the show we were off to the canyons. We had a blast, ending up at the Reel Inn for some great fish and a beer.

BTW, these shots are all from my new LX3.  I was nursing the camera along with a low battery trying to capture the whole day. The camera finally died before lunch.

A lotus, parked at the rock store lookout.

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