I couldn’t be prouder of my son Kevin.  He got out there in Long Beach protesting against the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) from Kansas. This group hates gays, Jews and even American soldiers.  Apparently they’ve gained notoriety protesting at the funerals of returned service members.

The tactics of the anti WBC protesters is to block, annoy and diffuse the message of the WBC.  Watch the video and you’ll see  many conflicting messages including my son the dancing Jesus. Talk about confusing, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing.

Long Beach is great community. The fifth largest city in California and it feels like a small town. A diverse place that values that diversity enough to stand up for it. Go Long Beach!


Watch this video and you’ll see more of the WBC speaking for themselves at another protest outside Wilson High School.  I learned from Kevin that the WBC choose Wilson because that’s where a national gay and lesbian student group formed. Kevin, a recent graduate from Wilson finds that kind of ironic since that group had maybe three members in it his senior year.


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  1. casey sattler says:

    I LOVE the tactics against those stupid A holes. Great video!

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