The Westboro Baptist Church came back to Los Angeles today and Kevin and his friends were there to meet them.  This time they were out in front of the American Jewish University on Mullholland in the Sepulveda pass.

The WBC arrived at 11:47 from having parked up the hill east of the University’s entrance. Kevin and his friends had parked on the university’s grounds and came running down the hill shortly after the WBC arrived.

Kevin, dressed again as Jesus, opened his giant folded sign that read “I’m with Stupid.”  He sang his own songs to drown out the protester’s songs. His friends engaged the protesters in a dialogue, without much success at convincing any of them in either direction. There were a few car horn honks, but I think they were mostly from drivers upset at those cars taking off when the light changed. There were also a few “one finger salutes” from some drivers.  I’m guessing drivers were mostly confused at the conflicting messages.

The WBC left after only 30 minutes. According to their website, most of their protests are short appearances like this. Their next protest is scheduled for an hour and 45 minutes later at the Sinai Temple on Wilshire Blvd.  After that Kevin and his friends will pester them somewhere around the Academy awards.

I dug out my 80-200 f2.8 Nikkor for most these shots. It’s much sharper than my 18-200. Heavier to be sure, but worth it for its image quality.

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  1. Pax says:

    Outstanding! Keep up the good work, Kevin….and apostles of Kevin. Amen.

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