I recently competed in another Time Speed Distance (TSD) Road Rally. It was great fun. This rally was much faster and went through some beautiful countryside. At least I’m pretty sure it was dark and raining slightly.

In my first rally we earned 448 points. This rally had us bumped up a class, (due to my navigators experience) We went from the bottom, dumbass class, (class D) to class C. We came in fourth in class D. I don’t know how many cars were in class D, but the top three cars were within a few hundredths of a minute with scores in the 50s. The good news is: I now have a VERY clear idea about an new iphone application that could make rally time keeping really easy. Hope fully our times would improve even further.

Here’s the details of the rally. Including our GPS track after the link.

FFN 05/01/09

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