This Rally was a nice mix of the hectic and a nice drive through the country.

The odometer check ended in Simi Valley, just below the 118 on East street. At the end of the odo check there’s always a short break. My rally partner took the opportunity to relieve himself. Then once we took off he’d apparently lost his phone, We paused for him to get out and look under the seat while other drivers passed us. We found the phone and drove like the wind actually completing the leg with a penalty for arriving early instead of late. Not sure how that happened.

After rejoining the freeway for a short bit, we exited, and made our way towards the flat lands. Checkpoint number 1 is at the end of a short dead end road under “Camarillo” on the map.

From the first checkpoint we headed south where we were delayed by an Amtrak train, (thank God it was short). We made our way counterclockwise around the loop at the bottom. Here we reached speeds of around 90 to get our average speed back up to 48 to compensate for train delay. Successfully raising our speed the 2nd Checkpoint was just before the loop rejoins the road were traveled south on. This checkpoint was a “do it yourself” checkpoint.
Now, back towards the airport, through a nice community of homes and a golf course.

Towards the end of the track we made our biggest mistake. The very end of the track, (on Arneill Road) is the Pizza place where we meet afterwords. There’s a short extension of the track to the south there. That was a missed turn. After we should have turned left (now a right for us) we should have paused for 2 minutes. That missed pause was the difference between our score of 363 and scoring 163 for the entire rally. Not enough to win our division but we might have scored a 15 on that leg. A very respectable time.

FFN Rally. Aug 07, 2009

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