Recently 3 of my friends came into the fold of fellow iPhone owners. Here’s a listing of what apps I currently have on my iphone and why I like then or why I never use them.

Iphone app pages 1 - 3

Screen one (the left side) has the apps I use most often. The Chronometer app is a collection of watch faces. They’re a mixture of fictional and actual watches. The best of them will tell you the phases of the moon, the time of the three stages of dusk and in what direction the sun is from you and how high it is off the horizon at any time or date. If you’re at all interested in Time and Solar astronomy this app is amazing.

NetNewsWire is an iphone version of an extremely popular RSS reader for the Mac.  This is the app I’m most likely looking at while out at lunch or waiting for a haircut or anytime I’m looking to discover something new. RSS feeds allow you to scan the articles from most any website very quickly and then clicking though to read the entire article if I’m interested.  I found my car via RSS feeds from Craig’s list.

Google app.  Love this one.  I use it  most often when I’m having touble spelling something or when I need to answer some kind of question quickly.  It allows me to say the search terms. It listens and returns the results. It also offers suggested searches as I type (when not using the voice feature) Basically if I’m going to the web in search of an answer, I start here.

AccuFuel.  Gas mileage records that I can email myself as a CSV file. It also shows a graph of your mileage at each fill up. I tried several of these apps before I settled on this one. My only wish for this app would be for a notes field.

GPS MotionX.  The best app on my phone.  Create tracks, waypoints, take geotaged photos that export via email or facebook.  See satillite images of your location or view topographic maps of the trail you’re hiking on.  Can’t say enough about this app.  Turn off your bluetooth and Wifi to conserve batteries while using this one. offers cheap car lighter power adapters for the iphone. That’ll help keep this battery hungry app satisfied for long drives.

Facebook.  I use this more than the facebook website.  Easy enough for me.

Tweetdeck and Tweetie.  I’m really liking Twitter the more I understand it. I never have to hear what ice cream flavor someone is, or what cocktail they are while reading twitter. Twitter is more conversational and immeadiate.

Blossom. Is a app for viewing my Smugmug photos and videos. It’s fast easy way to access any photo from my smugmug site on my phone. No need to carry every picture in my phone. If it’s on my smugmug site and can get it. Contact me if your interested in a discount coupon for signing up with  As photo hosting sites go this one effcient, pretty, priced right, customizable and offers unlimited storage.

Lose it! So far I’ve lost 21 pounds with this one. It’s basicaly a database of foods that allows you to log what you’re eating. It makes it easy to identify the foods that push you over the daily calorie recommendation it sets for you based on your goals.

iProRecorder. From Bias. A voice recorder that’ll record at any of three quality levels. you can email the files it creates of connect to  your phone via Wifi to access the files.

Jott.  I started using thiss app when Jott was comepletely free. Now I pay a few dollars a year to use this service.  Basically, I speak into my phone and Jott transcribes my voice and sends the text to me in an email along with a link to listen to the original recording. Great when your driving along and you’re thinking about checking out a website, or you want to learn more about somehting you heard on NPR. You “Jott” yourself so that you’ll recieve an email when you’re at your computer later. The perfect reminder.  You can also “Jott” your friends.

AudioBoo.  Still heve to give this a try. this one will record a 3 minute voice clip that get posted to a website where you can link to it.  It also integrates those posts to you Twitter account.

Alright that was page one. I’ll be more brief now. Of note on page 2:

Homedigo, A remote control access to my homes X10 lighting controls. Units. Convert any measurement to any like standard. Very useful. Converts currancies as well.  Shazam. listen to a song via the phones mic and returns the title and album sources. Links you to the itunes store incase you need to buy it right then. Shovel.  a reader for the social news sharing site, Remote. This is a must have. It allows you to control your itunes on your PC from anywhere in the house. With an Airport express connected to you stereo you can listen to all your music and control the volumn form your easy chair or the dinner table. Decibel. A sound pressure meter in your pocket. I dig on this.  Gmail. I use the phone Mail app primarily for email. I’ll open this when I want to see messages threaded the way gmail does on the web, or to search all my mail on Gmail.  Craigslist.  This app sucks.

Page 3:

Spreadsheet. This is cool. Create a spreadsheet on your phone or transfer on to your phone from your computer. I’ve written a spreadsheet to manage my times during a rally. Very convienient to have the power of Excel in the palm of my hand. Stopwatch.  Multiple stopwatch timers each with lap timers. The results can be emailed from the phone. Nightcamera. The iphone camera’s before the 3Gs phones are not very good cameras. This app foreces the shutter release to wait until the phone is heald still before releasing. A good idea, but I don’t really use this much. Amazon. You’ll need this. I’ve actually bought stuff through this app.  It works great. Ebay. Same thing.  You need this. Pandora. Based on the Music Genome project. You pick an artist or a song and pandora will stream that music plus others they believe you will like. Cool for discovering new artists. Google Earth.  Yeah that Google Earth, in your pocket. Air Sharing or Datacase. Both are like a thumbdrive on steriods. you can view pdf, jpeg and excel or word documents on your phone, Air Sharing pro will actually print from the phone through a Mac with printer sharing turned on. Autostich.  Take a series of photos on your iphone and this app will stich them togerther and save it.

I’ll post pages 4 -6 later.

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