I purchased a Quark Mini 123 flashlight from 4Sevens.com roughly 2-3 months ago. I’ve carried it in my pocket everyday since. It’s slightly larger than a wine cork and it’s the brightest flashlight I own.

Quark123 Quark123 Quark123

It has three brightness levels that are changed by screwing the head in to turn it on. Then turning it off and back on again switches it to the next brightness level. It uses a CR123 battery which can be a bit costly, but they’re available online for considerably less than your local drug store. But considering the flashlight will run on its lowest setting of 3 lumens for 150 hours, that’s a pretty decent run time. The medium brightness setting is 40 lumens. Most people would consider that adequate brightness from a flashlight. And for 90% of the times you’ll use this light it’ll do ya. At that brightness a full battery will last 8 hours. For those times when only the most wickedly bright light will do (such as when you plunge into a dark space from a sunny day) this little light will put out 189 lumens for just under a hour and a quarter. That’s assuming the battery is new. So far I’ve only used the brightest setting for short periods just to impress myself with how bright it is.

It also has an SOS mode in case I’m ever stuck on the side of mountain in view of someone that understands Morse code. It also has a couple of flashing beacon modes that seem totally useless.

I’ve purchased several flashlights from 4sevens. Only one of them has become unreliable, and it’s a shame. I’ve owned that one for over a year and from the looks of things on their website it looks like the manufacturer is calling it quits. Perhaps I should try and get some satisfaction. All the others are holding up fine.

I laugh at myself often when I take this little flashlight and my wee multifunction pocket knife out of my pocket at the end of the day. I’ve become such an “old man.”

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