I think this is cool, and I wish I could make it work. Driftnet is a program which listens to network traffic and picks out images from TCP streams it observes. The user of this software would observe an ever-changing mosaic of all the jpeg images that other users of his LAN (local area network) were seeing. Unfortunately, to use this program, the user must compile it himself. That means what you downnload is the basic instructions to make the program. Maybe some day I’ll learn how to do that. I’m posting this to show how easy such a thing is do.

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One Response to “See Images From Nearby Wifi Traffic!”

  1. funkmonkey says:

    Your blog is super cool, yo! anyways, just thought you should know I got something like this to work using a program called EtherPEG http://www.etherpeg.org. Well, so far all it’s ever captured is my traffic… but i’m thinking that either the office here uses a protected switch, or that there’s just not much useless surfing going on here at night… I want to try it at a hotel or a starbucks though! You get an airport version and an ethernet version, and you have to put in some sudo command to make it work, but it does seem to work. TRY IT OUT!!!

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