kdf on May 3rd, 2009

Details of the First Friday Nighter road rally of May 2009. Including a GPS track of our course. This Rally is run by the Santa Monica Sports Car Club.

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kdf on April 30th, 2009

Tweet Middle of April 2009, while driving North from Los Olivos, CA on highway 154. So pretty.

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kdf on April 27th, 2009

Tweet I shot this with my Lumix LX3 camera.  It’s just a bunch short clips strung together from the day. Press the the HQ button under the video frame after it starts to improve the quality.

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kdf on March 15th, 2009

Tweet In an attempt to make our canyon jaunts take on a greater significance we thought we’d try and do them in harmony with events of greater celestial importance or with significant dates in our Gregorian calender. The Equinox (first day of spring) is still 5 days away, but we figured, “Hey, were busy people, [...]

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kdf on June 18th, 2008

Tweet I have finally attempted to integrate my smugmug photo site into this one. Theoretically I should be able to make the header of my Smugmug pages appear exactly as it does here. I came pretty close, and the functionality is there so I guess I’m happy. For now all my pictures are now coming [...]

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kdf on January 2nd, 2008

Tweet This is priceless. Clearly a sign from God. At first I didn’t see it. He’s standing, arms outstretched about waist high. The image here is an animated gif file. I like to believe it helps make the image clear and that it’s really there.

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Tweet It’s Tuesday the 4th of September, 2007. Senator Craig resigned 3 days ago after it was revealed he’d been arrested in a men’s room in the Minneapolis airport. He plead guilty to disorderly conduct in lieu of charges of propositioning a homosexual encounter. He claims he needed to quit the Senate in order to [...]

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kdf on July 14th, 2007

Tweet This is a hilarious new show from HBO. Two New Zealanders living in New York City attempting to hit the big time in the folk music world. Barley getting by their adventures will leave you in stitches. Check out the website to view the first show.

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Tweet On the face of it, this is such a phenomenal act of criminal poor judgement. If this happened to my child, as a parent I hope I would have the strength to pursue justice until those responsible were severely punished. from the AP MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Staff members of an elementary school staged a [...]

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Tweet It’s called Justin.TV  His goal is to wear a helmet cam and broadcast his life live at all times. He says he’ll do it for the rest of his life, we’ll see.

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kdf on February 2nd, 2007

Tweet Would someone please give George W. Bush a blow job, so we can impeach him.

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kdf on January 26th, 2007

Tweet I followed a link on boingboing.net to a fellow that created a tag cloud of ideas from president Bush’s recent state of the union address. In the comments on that page someone else mentions a site where you can go back through all the state of the union addresses though Jan 1776.  Check it [...]

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kdf on December 1st, 2006

Tweet I saw this and had to share. This thing is so cool, I can’t believe it. The cool video of this thing has gone missing from youtube. Basically it’s about the size of a large jar of mayonaise. It drips water about 6 or 8 inches through the beams of several LEDs that fire [...]

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kdf on December 1st, 2006

Tweet I am not a religious person. That being said, I do have a fascination for the formation of religions. I’m amazed at the differences and similarities between different faiths. I also find the subject of man’s transition from a polytheistic faith structure to a monotheistic structure to be interesting as well. Not being religious [...]

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Doug on September 14th, 2006

Tweet Enter your number into this site and it will identify the letters associated with the numbers…does yours have a secret message? read more

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