Bianca signed us up for this event several weeks ago. Since that time I’ve been actively training for this day. My worst fear was that I might embarrass myself by not being able to finish or not going the distance.

Doug After the race

Cold and wet, but on top of the world.

To that end I started riding my bike after upgrading my handlebars and stem and replacing a worn tire. I started with short rides, then gently added more distance and increased the frequency of my rides until I’d reached about 52 miles in the week prior to this event. I realize that doesn’t sound like much, but, coming from nothing, it’s something. I plan on continuing to ride, I’m sure that someday I’ll look back and laugh at the short rides I started with.

It certainly paid off. Today’s event was great. I had a great time “racing” against the other bicyclists. I managed to go the entire distance and didn’t want it to end. I was even hollered at (angrily) to slow down by a course worker as i approached the finish line. I thought you’re supposed to pour it on at the end? Maybe that’s only for runners. In fact, now that I think of it, I wonder if the course worker’s attitude might come from some deep seated runner vs biker animosity. Who knows?

Bianca did great as well, considering she hasn’t been on a bike for several months. She took a more slow and steady pace, but never stopped once and came in about 20 minutes behind me, hardly breaking a sweat. Gotta love her.

Drizzling at first, and pouring for most the event, the weather didn’t ruin it for me. My feet were wet by about half way through the race and soaked by the end. If I do this again I’ll shop for rain booties. My new water resistant windbreaker from Peral Izumi was a tremendous success.

Sorry there’s no pictures. I had great intentions, but the rain was too much.


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  1. Jeff says:

    I was out there and you aren’t kidding about the rain. I swear it was even worse than last year’s ride! And to think they moved it to May for warmer weather Lol. Anyway, just made me that much prouder to have completed it non-stop the whole ride. Grats to you on finishing.


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