This post is nothing more than an excuse to put something fresh up. I recently processed a few shots I took with the LX3 at the Cars and Coffee show in Irvine. I thought they looked nice and so I decided to share. In this group of shots are some of my favorite cars.

Number one is the Austin Healey 3000. There are a few models of this car, and I don’t really know the differences between them all. I’ve always known they were way out of my price range. I remember riding in one on a summer evening in the late seventies. The sound and acceleration were was sublime. Examples like these I believe fetch between $50K – $80K.

Also seen that day was a 1969 911S Targa. I used to own a 1973 911T. The interior of this car is very similar to my car. My car’s engine sounded like it was running at 2000 + rpm when it was idling. Something akin to a sewing machine on steroids. Tight smooth precision. It was plenty quick for it time with only about 150 bhp. It was an excellent touring car. I drove it to the Grand Canyon and to Phoenix many times. I could accelerate from 65 to 95 with such ease.

My dad had a 1961 Mercedes 190SL. I learned to drive a stick in that car. Always a favorite. There’s always at least one or two fine examples at each show I go to. Also common now at the shows are 300SL Gullwings. Recently at Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills there were three Gullwings.

This Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1600, has some kind of ridiculously low mileage. It has it’s original upholstery and paint. This Isn’t the sportiest looking car, but I wouldn’t throw it out of the garage.
One of these days I’ll get something. I found myself explaining to my wife this weekend about how all my car friends each have between 2-4 old cars each. Somewhere there’s an old car with my name on it.

Click on any of the photos to go to a gallery of all the cars I saw that day.

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