This was the third year in row that my friends and I made our way to the Santa Monica Mountains to enjoy some spirited driving on the twisty roads there. We started out at “The Commons” in Woodland Hills where we crashed the meeting place of They are a group of old car nuts that also meet up for drives in the mountains on New Years Day. Though we’ve never driven along with them, we’re pretty sure they don’t have as much fun as we do on the roads. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more) We do enjoy checking out there cars with a fresh coffee before we head out.

Members of the other vintage motoring group check out each others cars.

Discussing the route.  I think this is the first picture where I actually look old.

This years run had two new attendees. Dave brought his Lotus Elise and Marcelo drove Robert’s BMW 2002. They both throughly enjoyed the day.

Dave, Robert, John, Marcelo and Ken is talking to some people he knew.

The canyons were a blast and enjoyed by all. We were slowed on Stunt Road by a pick up truck, But we made up for it on Yerba Buena Road. Yerba Buena is great because it’s constantly twisting. The road surface is very rough, and it often carries a fair amount of debris, but it’s a blast to drive.

Unfortunate for me I didn’t plan the drive well enough to make it to the Reel Inn for lunch with everybody. That’s normally my favorite part of the trip. Being the lead car for the day I could have made this happen. But, that’s a notion that didn’t occur to me until it was too late. Still, it was a great day judging by all the positive comments in the email thread that followed the event.

Here’s our route, and a few pictures from the day

Dave follows me in his Lotus, then it's Marcelo, John, Robert and Ken.

Dave was thoroughly satisfied after our run up Yerba Buena Road.

My car in the shade at top of 'The Snake', on Mulholland


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