Treffen, is German for “to meet up” or “meet”. This VW meet in Anaheim, CA is in its 3rd year. Featuring cars from 1957 and prior, it’s a very nice collection of VWs, all over 50 years old. A couple of favorites were the original KDF-Wagons from the Hitler era.

And these very cool convertibles, VW Rometsch Beeskow Cabroilets. They were built on a VW Chassis by a German coach company headed by Rometsch. It’s an aluminum body with suicide doors. VW eventually prohibited the sale of chassis to Rometsch to eliminate the competition. VW then produced the Karmann Ghia.
The brow over the front wheel reminds me very much of the brow over the front wheels of my father’s 190SL Mercedes. Not too surprising since Beeskow designed the 300SL two years after this car.

Shows like this always get me motivated to acquire an old car.

Click on any of these pictures to see them more or less full screen. After the jump, use your arrow keys to advance to pictures from this event.

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