I’m a 50 something television editor in Los Angeles. Politically left of center and not much for mysticism. I enjoy technology and lean towards the geeky.

Of course I realize that I, and perhaps one or two close friends, and maybe a family member are the only ones looking at this site.  I read somewhere that over 90 percent of all blogs share that characteristic. But I also know that people like to share, at least I do, so here is my space on the web.

I find it very difficult to focus this blog on any one subject. I realize that if I could narrow my focus I could probably be much more successful. A friend of mine just earned his first .67 cents of ad revenue, with his blog focused on bicycles and the adventures that go with them. So I’m going to keep this up and “see” what I share the most. Perhaps a focus will reveal itself over time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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